The Leading Provider of Energy Solutions to Multi-Tenant Properties

King Energy enables commercial-scale solar at shopping centers and office buildings, bringing financial benefit to property owners and their tenants. Using the OneBill™ software platform, energy savings are shared across many tenants.

Our Approach

A Straightforward Way to Increase Property Value

King Energy makes solar simple, and financially beneficial. We pay rent for unused roof or parking lot space and install solar, fully at our expense. Using the industry’s leading multi-tenant billing software, we provide the energy we generate to the tenants at the property, saving them money on their energy bills. Property owners get a new source of long-term rent and tenants save money on energy, all with no cost or hassle.

Rental Income

King Energy becomes a new tenant, paying rent for roof or parking lot space.

Tenant Savings

We provide solar energy to your tenants, saving them money on their energy bills.

Property Value

King Energy’s lease directly increases the long-term rent roll, increasing property value.

We Keep It Simple

How It Works

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King Energy rents unused roof space and installs solar, covering all costs.

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Tenants purchase clean energy at a reduced rate and save on energy bills.

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Property owners gain rental income and higher property value.

One Energy Invoice


King Energy makes the experience of using solar simple and hassle-free for tenants. The OneBill™ software platform delivers a consolidated, monthly energy bill that combines tenant’s utility and solar usage. Tenants get a single energy bill and make a single payment, saving money with no new complexity. And, if they have any questions, our US-based support team is available to help.

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