King Energy

King Energy is a next generation energy company bringing solar power to
multi-tenant commercial properties.

Turning open roof space into a source of clean energy

Have you ever noticed that most commercial buildings do not have solar panels? The United States has over 1 billion square feet of open commercial roof space, most of which could be used to generate clean, solar energy.

Multi-tenant commercial buildings face unique energy challenges. Whether it is a shopping center, an office park, a medical complex or an industrial building, multiple businesses are sharing a common space and working with a single property owner.

Aligning the economic interests of each party to enable an investment in clean energy is complex - why would a landlord invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in solar infrastructure when power bills are paid by tenants?

King Energy solves this complexity by paying property owners to rent their open roof space and then handling the financing, installation and long-term management of solar infrastructure. King then provides the clean energy generated to local tenants, typically in a way that lowers tenant energy bills.

So everyone wins—landlords collect a new source of rent, businesses pay less for power and we all use more clean energy - all in a way that is simple and low hassle.

Solar adoption has taken off in the residential and utility-scale sectors. King Energy provides an approach that is financially viable for multi-tenant commercial and industrial properties.

Make more money, and generate clean energy

King Energy provides a simple, 100% outsourced solar energy solution for commercial property owners and their tenants. If you provide the roof space, we will provide everything else (as well as creating a new source of rental income).

Our goal is to make the process of implementing solar easy.

Before you make any commitment, we will complete a roof inspection, a structural engineering analysis and a solar layout plan (at our expense). From there, we handle all installation and ongoing maintenance.

More importantly, everyone benefits financially. Property owners make no investment and receive rent for their roof space while tenants see a decrease in their energy bills. 

At last, there is a straightforward and financially beneficial way to adopt solar energy.

We use satellite imagery and public data to prepare an initial plan, including a rental proposal.
At our expense, we complete a comprehensive roof inspection, engineering plan and system design.
If the full program meets your expectations, we proceed with a lease and begin installation.

The once in a century transformation is underway

The US spends $1.1 Trillion annually on electricity (5.6% of the GDP) and solar currently supplies only 2% of domestic energy capacity. The adoption of renewable energy is an unquestioned macro-trend that will drive the next twenty years of the US economy. Investing in the transition to clean energy is the mega-opportunity of our lifetime.