King Energy

King Energy is the leading provider of energy solutions to multi-tenant properties. We have offices in Durango, CO, and San Luis Obispo, CA, and a distributed team located throughout the United States.

About King Energy

Financially Sound Energy Solutions for Multi-Tenant Properties

King Energy delivers financially viable solar solutions to multi-tenant properties.

We provide the solar industry’s most sophisticated software billing platform, King Energy OneBill™, which allows energy from a single solar installation to be seamlessly shared across many businesses or tenants.

By combining our expertise in software, financing and solar program management, we have created an approach that makes financial sense for property owners and their tenants – owners receive a new source of rent, tenants save money on energy and King Energy covers all of the costs.

Our vision is that every commercial rooftop will have solar. By ensuring that property owners and their tenants benefit financially, we believe we can make this vision a reality.

Nation-Wide Energy Solutions

Markets Served

King Energy manages over 150 energy programs at commercial properties, serving over 18 million square feet of tenant space.


Energy Programs Managed


Square Feet of Tenant Space Served


Local Businesses Benefited

Our Team


The King Energy team combines deep experience in finance, software, operations, sales, customer support and solar energy. Our goal is to provide a simple, turnkey solution to commercial property owners that makes installing solar a straightforward, and financially beneficial, idea.

John Witchel
Chief Executive Officer

Brian Clausen
Chief Revenue Officer

Meghan Scully
General Counsel

JP Whelan
Chief Financial Officer

Brian Roufa
Chief Operations Officer

Mike Kepe
Chief Technology Officer

Michelle Tomas
VP of Finance

Rob Porter
VP of Customer Success

Mike Pundmann
VP of Financial Products


Our Partners

King Energy would not be successful without our incredible partners. ClearGenNelnet, and Strand Strategic Group all provide capital for King Energy projects. Mynt Systems, SustineoCal SolarNew Era Electric, Spreck Energy, and Hunter Energy Solutions provide our Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services. Blackhorn Ventures, Active Impact Investments, and Next Frontier Capital provide corporate equity investment and strategic guidance. We are grateful to all the hardworking employees in each of our partner companies.

If you are interested in working with King Energy as a partner, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always looking for best-in-class companies to work with.


Join Our Team

You can work anywhere. We are headquartered in Durango, CO and San Luis Obispo, CA, but have team members all over. We have good benefits, stock options, and a great culture that values intelligence and hard work. If you’re interested in working for a well-funded startup with seasoned management in the renewables industry then King Energy could be for you.