King Energy

King Energy is a next generation energy company bringing solar power to multi-tenant commercial properties.

About King Energy

King Energy brings clean power to multi-tenant, commercial properties in a way that makes financial sense for property owners and their tenants.  

We were founded by a group of proven, senior business leaders to fill a clear void in the commercial solar space. The key to our approach: ensure that everyone involved (meaning property owners and their tenants) gets financial benefit.  

Using our innovative software platform and financing model, King Energy turns open roof space on shopping centers, office buildings and industrial parks into a home for solar energy, increasing income for property owners and providing cost savings to tenants.

The King Energy team combines deep experience in finance, software, operations, sales, customer support and solar energy. Our goal is to provide a simple, turnkey solution to commercial property owners that makes installing solar a straightforward, and financially beneficial, idea.   

Finally, a commercial solar model that makes financial sense!

Making Solar Simple

Our goal is to make deploying solar programs at shopping centers, office buildings and industrial complexes easy.

King Energy handles all components of planning, installation and financing. We also manage long-term maintenance and work directly with property tenants so they can benefit from lower energy costs through a single, consolidatied energy bill.