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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of King Energy?

Our objective is to provide a solar solution for commercial properties that is financially beneficial to both the property owner and to the tenants.

How does the King Energy model work?

King Energy delivers a no-cost turnkey solar solution, handling all investment, installation and ongoing maintenance. We pay rent to the property owner and offer discounted energy to tenants, so everyone benefits financially without capital investment.

As a property owner, why should I care?

Activating your roof to add to your rent roll improves your cap rate, increases the value of your building and puts more money in your pocket – all without capital investment.

Adopting renewable energy is a high priority to a growing portion of tenants and consumers. Providing renewable energy to your tenants makes your building more attractive.

What is the impact on my roof?

On flat roofs, current solar racking technology allows solar panels to be installed with minimal penetrations and a low impact on the roof. Existing roof warranties will not be affected. In many cases solar panels can significantly increase the lifespan of a roof and reduce building temperature by providing coverage from the elements and lessening direct sunlight.

What happens if the roof leaks?

Our solar panels can be easily moved to make repairs.

What happens if I sell the building?

Our lease is transferred to the new owner just like any other tenant.

What happens if I need to replace the roof entirely?

We will temporarily remove the solar program while the roof is being replaced, as part of our standard lease.

What if I have a new tenant that needs to add venting or an HVAC unit?

Our standard lease allows for our solar panels to be adjusted to accommodate these kinds of structural changes to the roof.

What will my tenants think?

They’ll like it!  Solar energy is a benefit you are offering them at no cost to you (or to them). They get clean energy and a lower electric bill.

What if I need to tear down the building?

We provide buyout options as a standard term in the event of a tear down.

How is a tenant’s energy usage tracked?

King Energy’s software tracks energy consumption by tenants. We provide web-based and paper statements that clearly show energy used from the solar program and from the power grid, as well as the savings generated from using solar energy.

Why has no one else done this?

Arranging financing for these types of projects is hard.  Historically, lenders require a guarantee from the building owner or from a large, creditworthy tenant. King Energy does not require a guarantee from anyone.

Is this program something that my lenders will approve?

Yes, our lease documents are similar to other roof leases – such as what you might see from a cell tower provider.

What types of properties are a fit for King Energy?

Commercial and industrial properties with five or more tenants and at least 10,000 square feet of available roof space are a good fit for our program.