An Easy Way to Learn the Value of Solar

by | Apr 7, 2022

King Energy’s 90-day analysis process

Solar energy can increase the value and income of a shopping center, office building, or industrial park; however, there are some details to figure out before getting started.

In order to create a formal solar program plan, King Energy completes a 90-day analysis phase that has three goals:

1. Visit the property to review the roof and electrical infrastructure

2. Understand the property’s energy usage

3. Formalize a financial proposal

The guiding principles of the analysis process are to create a comprehensive, well-informed solar plan and to minimize the time required by property management and the property’s tenants.


1. Site visit

After holding a short, introductory call to introduce our team, we will visit the property to evaluate the roof and review the existing electrical infrastructure.

This visit, which normally takes about an hour, allows us to decide the potential location of solar panels and related equipment, assess the state of the roof, and determine how the solar program will connect to the local electrical utility.

We will need someone to provide access to the roof and electrical rooms, but we will handle the rest of the site review and analysis.


2. Property’s energy usage

The easiest way to understand the amount of energy used by a multi-tenant commercial property is to gather a small amount of basic information from each tenant. King Energy follows a simple, scalable process that allows us to gather tenant energy usage history without requiring any work by the property manager and only minimal effort from the tenants. This process takes just a few steps:

  • The property manager provides us with business name and contact info for each tenant.
  • Using an automated mail house, we send a letter to each tenant from the property manager, explaining that they are evaluating a possible solar program.
  • The King Energy team follows up with each tenant via email or phone call.
  • Tenants share their energy usage history by securely sending data from their online utility account or texting a picture of their energy bill.

Using this approach, we can aggregate the current energy usage across all of the tenants at a property, while creating minimal inconvenience for either the property manager or the tenants.


3. Financial proposal

Using the findings of the site visit and the energy usage history, King Energy will confirm the size of the potential solar program and present property ownership with:

  • An updated plan and layout for the solar program
  • Proposed rent payments that will be made by King Energy for using the proposed roof space

After finalizing financial details, King Energy will work with you to formalize lease agreements to move forward as partners.

The analysis phase is a low-hassle way to create a comprehensive analysis of the financial benefit that is possible through solar energy.

Interested in learning more about how a King Energy program can increase the value of your property and generate new income? Contact us today.